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  Edsel's Crazy (and Not-So-Crazy) Ideas

Edsel's Crazy (and some not-so-crazy) Ideas

These are just some (crazy??) ideas that come across my mind as I go on with my daily activities. Most of them come to me while driving since that's probably the only time when I'm not doing something which requires my full concentration.
  1. There should be a law prohibiting construction of buildings where roads already exist. This way there won't be traffic jams caused by building contstruction crew and machinery.
  2. Someone should invent an "auto-cleaning/wiping windshield". This can be done by placing a detector inside the car on the dash that is pointed outwards through the windshield. It basically is a light sensor. Another sensor is placed outside the car. They both measure the surrounding brightness of the area. If the inside sensor detects a lower ambient light going through the windsheild, then it signals the windsheild washer to turn on, to clean the windshield. If the internal sensors can be made thin and transparent, millions of these can be placed on a thin layer of plastic that is placed on the inside of the windshield to provide better accuracy.
  3. They should invent a chip that can be implanted into the human body, which attaches to the brain. The chip should be capable of being triggered by brain waves. The chip should remain inactive until the wearer makes a conscious decision and says "record this idea". And the wearer then just thinks about the idea, and it is recorded in the chip. This way, if you are driving, and you come across a bright idea, you won't have to stop and write it down. It'll help you in remembering these ideas. The action of stopping to write it down, causes me to forget the idea. Best of all the idea is recorded as an "idea" or "thought" so it will not be written in words. This provides greater accuracy since there is no need to describe it. When it needs to be recalled, the thought is flushed back into the brain, just as if you thought about it then. If you think in pictures, you'll see pictures, if you think in color, you'll experience color. If you think in feelings, you'll experience the feelings again, if you think in odours, you'll smell the odours. It's kind of like a notepad/tape-recorder but better.
I've got a few other ideas that I was unable to write down. As a result I have forgotten them. I hope they will come back to me.
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