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09.25.07 - Updated wish list in time for Caitlin Ema's 3rd Birthday.

11.21.04 - Posted pictures of our newborn daughter, Caitlin Ema.

06.20.04 - Re-posted missing pictures.

04.13.04 - Our world has been turned upside down, inside out - in a most wonderful way - by the news of our pregnancy. In order to keep track of most everything, we've started a baby blog at http://www.adap.org/baby/ - check it out!

04.07.04 - We would like to share with you the blessed news that the first installment of the Adap-Guarin merger is now on its way! The pregnancy was confirmed by our family doctor just an hour ago. The baby is now 5-6 weeks old (gestational age) and Chris has already put on an additional 3 pounds. This is indeed an exciting time and we hope you join us in prayer that the Lord will carry Chris and the baby safely through this crucial first trimester.

02.21.04 - 'The New Duo,' as Chris' MSN name for that day puts it, debuts with Edsel on the violin and Chris on the alto saxophone, at our church's third anniversary.

02.14.04 -
"Happy Birthday to Chris,
Happy Birthday to Chris,
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday to Chris!"

01.26.04 - In the recent past, we have received requests for various information and/or advice. The hot topics have been travel, food, music, and technology. Consequently, we have made respective subsites for these four topics so that you may know beforehand which things we'd be able to help you out with.

01.21.04 - Revamped website.



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